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Problems with iPhone X Face ID

We already knew that it would be hard to buy an iPhone X until next year, but it seems that Apple is currently trying to improve the current situation. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant managed to lower the specs for the Face ID components. This translates to a shorter manufacture time for the iPhone X. The same source declared that the suppliers were told they could cut down on the accuracy of this innovative face-recognition technology if it’s easier to manufacture like that. But does this mean there are problems with iPhone X Face ID?

Reason for Concern?

This strict measure seems to have appeared around the unveiling of the new device, which took place last month. On September 12, we saw the official announcement of the Face ID feature for the iPhone X, and Apple added that it’s clearly superior to the previous Touch ID technology.

They even brought some numbers to support their claim: the Face ID’s accuracy is 1,000,000:1, as opposed to Touch ID, which was only 50,000:1.

However, Apple claims that there is no reason to worry for the Apple fans. It seems that Face ID is still going to be more accurate than its predecessor.

Dot Projector Problems

What seems to be causing the problems with iPhone X Face ID technology is the dot projector component. It’s the hardware responsible for emitting 30,000 infrared beams on a face. There were various reports released that claim this component is the one guilty for the shortages that appeared.

Once again, Bloomberg reports that Finisar, an early suppler, couldn’t meet the requirements set by Apple in what concerns the time for production. At the same time, LG Innotek and Sharp struggled as well to make the dot projectors, out of which only 20% were usable.


Currently, Apple is struggling with getting the necessary components for the much-anticipated iPhone X. We will wait and see whether its quality will suffer or the tech giant will find a different solution.

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