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The New BMW X2 Sports an Incredible Design

Besides the fact that the new BMW X2 has a really attractive design, it is also a powerful car. The new model will be launched in March 2018, being bound to surpass drivers’ expectations. The car features an innovative suspension set-up, having a sporty look. With this vehicle, driving will switch from being only a necessity and become a passion.

Since the design tries to push back boundaries, it mainly targets a younger group of drivers. This car is perfect if you have an active life, live in urban areas and you like to always be connected to what is new. A few signature details could impress any driver whose passion consists of new models of cars. The new vehicle sports some wheel arches that have a square-off look.

The new BMW X2 will take your breath away

Furthermore, it is equipped with accentuated side skirts and impressive exhaust tailpipes. Besides that, the new BMW X2 also features an elegant roofline, also having a slim window graphic. There is no doubt that this model stands out from the crowd.

Drivers will particularly be impressed by two amazing design features. The new car features a trapezoidal grille from above, on its head. Furthermore, the extra BMW roundel from the C-pillars signals to the incredible BMW coupes. The 3.0 CSL and 2000 CS underline the sporty design of the new BMW X2. This spectacular car brims with efficiency and power. The TwinTurbo engines can transfer the car’s power to the road using a dynamic style.

Summing up

If this car’s features had already caught your eye, you should know that there are three available variants. The first one is the BMW X2 sDrive20i petrol model. The second model is the BMW X2 xDrive20d diesel variant, and the last one is the X2 xDrive25d diesel.

Image Source: Autocar

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