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There Will Be No Sequel for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

Over the last past year, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds registered a huge success even if it was not officially launched. Despite its popularity and the pleasant way in which the public received it, some people already try to figure out what the sequel will include. However, the creator of the game might destroy everyone’s hope when stating that they did not even plan for a sequel.

For almost a year, PUBG was in a state of early access. They postponed the game’s official launch for both the Xbox One and PC. The framework of the game gathered numerous fans. As the story unfolds, we see a hundred people being dropped on a massive island. They will scavenge for gear to become the last one standing in this conflict zone which continuously diminishing.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will not have a sequel

The creator of the game, Brendan Greene, does not wish to save anything from his resources to build a sequel. He argues that his only plan is to continue to build on PUBG instead of developing another game. The new game is a service. However, they will continue to polish their game, adding more maps and specific features. They intend to continuously improve the gameplay relying on gamers’ experiences. Game developers want to optimize it as they advance their work.

The game will just grow organically, just like in the case of Minecraft where there was no need for a sequel. Game developers continued to enhance the content of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds more and more. The core game may seem pretty simple, but it is also very compelling.

Summing up

The new PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will be an extraordinary game which will be launched soon. Even if it is not on the market yet, it already has a great number of fans, waiting to see the story, the maps, and the whole game content. The game is so complex that it might not even need a sequel.

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