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The New Leaks Regarding the Upcoming iPhone X

New leaks confirm the main problems of the upcoming iPhone X, making fans to be disappointed about the device. The leak unveiled that the iPhone X supply was delayed. Furthermore, users’ interest in iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 has decreased. Joe Natale, the Roger Communications CEO, argued that people are no longer interested in the iPhone 8. Therefore, after only one month the carrier decided to cut the production by 50%.

This carrier is a wide cross-section for all customers in North America. Furthermore, Roger Communications is also the first high profile, reporting speculation about customers’ disinterest in the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. On the other hand, Natale highlights the fact that many customers became interested in the new iPhone X. However, this device is pretty expensive, and it also has a reduced availability.

The upcoming iPhone X will break sales records

Another leak from the supply chain of Apple also backs up Natale’s view. Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst of KGI Securities, claims that the stock of iPhone X will have a limit, at first. He predicts that only 2-3M units will be available at a global level in the first week after launch.

However, the good news is that Kuo states the previous problems related to the camera lens, the circuit board, and Face ID’s dot projector are solving. Kuo also predicts that the upcoming iPhone X supply will be the main attraction during the Christmas holidays. Furthermore, during the first quarter of 2018, iPhone X is likely to break sales records.

Summing up

Many fans who are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new iPhone X are willing to find out more about the iPhone supply. In this way, customers will know whether they will need to pre-order it to make sure they get one just in time for Christmas.

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