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Samsung Galaxy J7 Explodes on a Flight

A new incident makes consumers distrust this brand again and again. Samsung Galaxy J7 explodes on a Jet Airways flight. The airplane traveled on October 20 heading towards Indore from New Delhi. Luckily, no one was injured. Last year, we know that similar explosions occurred with the Galaxy Note 7. The crew of the plane dealt with the fire in time to prevent a bigger fire.

The owner of the phone noticed smoke coming out of her bag 15 minutes after the plane took off. She admitted having had her phone near three other devices. She had immediately announced the crew and requested for help. Unfortunately, the crew did not manage to put out the fire with the extinguisher. Apparently, they did not work. Hence, they decide to place the phone into a tray of water along with the rest of the passenger’s devices.

Samsung Galaxy J7 explodes during a flight

They decided to submerge Arpita Dhal’s devices in water as a measure of precaution. They tried to prevent a bigger explosion. Arpita argued that she will file a complaint against Jet Airways because none of their extinguishers seemed to work. In case the event would have been more dramatic, the whole plane would have been affected because the extinguishers were useless.

Arpita argued that she worries about what the crew would do about a potential stronger explosion or a blast. This is unacceptable, and it jeopardizes the security of all the passengers on the plane.

Summing up

Hearing about this incident, more and more people might give up on using Samsung devices since they seem to be so dangerous. No one would want to risk their lives, using such a device that may explode at any minute. The owner of the phone intends to sue Jet Airways for not having a functioning extinguisher at the board.

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