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New Pokemon Are Coming Just in Time for Halloween

This Halloween we will enjoy new Pokemon on Pokemon go starting from today, October 20. The well-known game Pokemon Go is ready for Halloween. If you catch and hatch the new Pokemon, you will double candy bonuses. Furthermore, you will also get an incredible surprise. You will be able to get Pokemon from Gen 3 for the first time in this game.

Fans go trick-or-treat, enjoying the new Pokemon

Therefore, you will get Ghost-like creatures such as Banette and Sableye. Furthermore, Pikachu will wear a witch hat, celebrating Halloween. All players will get the chance to choose a creepy Mimikyu hat and attach it to their avatar.

Looking back, we learn that Halloween is a special celebration in the pantheon of Pokemon GO Events. Last year, this event brought the concept of limited time Pokemon spawns for the first time. Furthermore, this holiday revolves around the tradition that people walk around to collect candy. These candy bonuses are very useful for those who want to help one of their Pokemon evolve very quickly.

However, you should know that there is no indication saying that this new Pokemon will remain in the game after this event. When it comes to Pokemon GO, we all know that it takes some planning before playing it. Therefore, it is helpful for fans to learn about the updates or new changes long before it will happen. Nevertheless, the official announcement always comes with a day before the event.

Summing up

To spur interest, the game currently depends on limited time events. Hence, the new Halloween event for Pokemon GO will gather all its fans again. Everyone is thrilled about the new Pokemon, and they are curious about the surprises. This Halloween, fans will trick or treat while playing Pokemon GO. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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