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Android Updates Instant App Programming Kit

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At the moment, and this has been going for quite some time, people are complaining about the instant Android apps from Google. Despite being marketed as phenomenal, they do not live up to the expectations. The problem is that they don’t work very well. Because of this, the company has to frequently introduce support for every device. And in its turn, this process usually slows down the app access and takes up a lot of space.

Fortunately, Google will no longer be trying to mend those issues. Instead, it has decided to introduce an update for its instant app programming kit. Thanks to it, from now on, developers will only offer users configurations that will only work for their specific devices. Also, they will adapt to the specifications, display, language and chip architecture.

Google taking care of the instant Android apps

The idea is that if you happen to be using a device with an ARM processor, with a lower-resolution display and which is in Chinese, you will no longer get something far more advanced. Let’s data for a much sharper display and an Intel chip. According to the tech giant, thanks to this new update, users will now save about 10% of space. This should mean that the apps will now have a much faster loading time.

Moreover, according to Google, you will get so much more out of this update and you’ll be keeping that instant app data if you decide to install it in full. It’s interesting that before this, a user needed Android Oreo to be sure that the device will actually keep the data. Now, devices that are also running Android Lollipop and even newer versions will do the same thing. It seems like the company is sick of complaints and has decided to step in.

Google is sick of complaints

However, users are not going to notice all those improvements immediately. Mainly because developers will first have to install the new features into their Android creations. All in all, it seems like the difference between an instant app and a fully-installed one should become almost unnoticeable. And this will be especially useful for all the people who are running on an operating system that is not Android Oreo.

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