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Shadow of War’s Singing Orc is Causing Amused Reactions

Orc army in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The recent release of the new Middle-Earth: Shadow of War video game has made players from all over the world feel that excitement of returning to this mystical land once more. As the second installment of this series, the game follows Talion once again as he is trying to destroy the great evil that Sauron wants to bring upon the world. But the trick is that Talion is dead, and thanks to a vengeful elven spirit, Celebrimbor, he is able to use some amazing powers that will help him throughout his epic journey.

However, one of the reasons that has made people to excited to try this game is the now famous singing orc that you meet at one point in the game. Shaka the Singer is one of the orcs that hunt you down to try and kill you, as all the others. However, he has a special behavior which makes him different from all the other enemies. And his presence in the game has sparked a wave of funny reactions from players.

Shaka the singing orc

While he will try to brutally murder you, Shaka will also raise his sword and start a song. It lasts a considerable amount of time. A bit too long, some might argue. The shock that players have while playing the game for the first time is unmatched, as many videos posted by gamers on YouTube have already proven. This is understandable, as you wouldn’t normally expect a horrifying orc to burst into a heroic song while trying to chop your head off.

According to some of those who have already met him, he might seem like a fun part of the campaign. But actually, he is one of the most difficult enemies you meet in the entire game. His singing acts as a distraction and most of the time, this trick works. He reportedly appears somewhere near Minas Tirith, at the beginning of the game.

A funny but dangerous encounter

As some of the other orcs, Shaka also has the ability to “cheat death”. Because of this, the player might meet him again at a later point in the game. This second time, he has a different song prepared. Moreover, it seems like there is another unconventional orc in this game called Pug the Friendly. He reportedly won’t fight you, but instead will ask for a chat. If the player defeats him, he will reappear full of bandages and apologizing.

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