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Amazon’s Alexa to Recognize Users’ Voices

Amazon Alexa on Echo device

In an era when virtual assistants are becoming more and more intelligent, it seems like Amazon’s Alexa AI will not be left behind. According to reports, it can now receive training to recognize the owner’s voice or certain other voices. This new feature is reportedly available now for any deice that has Alex on it.

The fact that the virtual assistant is going to instantly recognize the user’s voice will bring a large number of advantages, especially to the Amazon Echo. This latter device is usually present in houses with big families, so it’s important for it to only listen to one or two specific persons. Thanks to this, Alexa will now be able to alter and personalize certain features in order for them to fit with the needs of that certain person. Security measures won’t be so necessary anymore, because if Alexa recognizes the user’s voice, that will be enough. Sure, that’s supposing that it won’t get voices mixed up at one point.

Alexa will recognize voices

The most important thing is to get Alexa through this specific training. After that, it should not have any problems identifying the user’s voice. Also, the user won’t need to perform this training for every Alexa device they have. After the training, the voice assistant will instantly recognize them on any device. These include smartphones, tablets, Fire products and the Echo devices.

Recognizing your voice will make things so much easier for both the assistant and the user. Alexa will be able to completely personalize your experience. From suggesting music playlists to authorizing shopping info, it will be able to fit your needs exactly. It will also be able to receive and sent only the messages that are destined for that specific person. Moreover, when it comes to news, Alexa will only read those that you haven’t heard before.

Only the beginning

It’s even more interesting that this is only the beginning. As time will pass and developers will offer their help, Alexa’s area of expertise will grow significantly. In order to train Alexa to know your voice, you will have to access the Settings menu. Then access Account Heading and finally, Your Voice. It’s important to be in a quiet room so that the virtual assistant will have a perfect training.

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