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Google to Remove Home Mini Recording Feature

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It seems like after many reports and complaints that a certain Home Mini feature was recording thousands of times a day without the owner wanting it, Google had taken a final decision. The company is going to remove that feature completely, even if it was reportedly just a small number of Home Mini units that were doing this.

On October 11th, the company released an official statement in which it explains the decision. And their wish is for people to feel completely safe and at peace whenever they are in a room with a Home Mini unit or each time they decide to use it. The device was actually shipped with the feature that allowed users to activate the Google Virtual Assistant each time they wanted. It also allowed them to control what music it played just by tapping the speaker’s top part. However, some of the units had a problem with this feature.

Google to remove the problematic recording feature

Some Home Mini units registered touches even when the owner wasn’t doing it. This issue prompted them to start recording everything around, thousands of times a day. A truly creepy habit which should never happen, especially in a home device. The problem was discovered thanks to a review from Android Police. Google received news of it and immediately fixed it. So, people who are going to receive their Home Mini units should not have any such issue when the device arrives to them. Sure, the company offered some of them early, during its many events. And those might still encounter the issue.

So, with just a few days before the Home Mini ships, on October 15, this fix should begin rolling out. Rumor has it that Google had a plan to try and orchestrate a comeback for that top button function. It was supposed to be fixed and then returned to the units. However, recent news is saying that the company gave up on that idea.

Google Home Mini

The main reason for this decision is probably the risk to have the units transform into surveillance devices. It would prompt a huge controversy and Google would never want to lose its customers like that. So, people will now have to activate the unit solely by voice, which is basically what was made for all along.

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