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The Jewel That is Facebook’s Messenger Lite

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There are people on this planet that are not particularly impressed by the Facebook-branded products. Some don’t like its apps, some hate the design of the platform, while others are simply annoyed by the people ruling this company. And there is nothing wrong with that, as we are all different people with different personalities and tastes.

However, there is one app that seems to be pleasing everyone who uses it: Messenger Lite. This is a chat app that recently became available for every Android smartphone in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. Long story short, it’s reportedly one of the very best such apps on the market right now.

Facebook’s Messenger Lite

Before mentioning how is Messenger Lite one of the best apps, let’s start at the beginning. Over the years, internet messaging has been reinventing itself in various forms. We recently found out that AOL is going to discontinue one of the titans in this area, it’s AIM, in December. Those are sad times, but then again, evolution is happening right in front of our eyes. If you want to stay relevant, you’d better keep up. As for the classic Facebook Messenger, even if so many people are using it, this doesn’t mean that they all like it. Many people think that it’s a bit too crowded with useless stuff that people don’t necessarily use for chatting.

While it’s understandable for Facebook to try and do everything it can to be better than the competition, it can sometimes become a bit too much. This is where Messenger Lite does wonders. It gets rid of all those distracting features and leaves room its initial purpose: messaging. It’s extremely simple and this is exactly what makes is so unique and attractive. A simple design that many could learn from.

An amazingly-simple alternative

And the most interesting part is that you can still do pretty much everything the original Facebook Messenger shoves down your throat. You can chat, send pictures and you have an entire collection of emojis to choose from. It’s just not that crowded. One thing is sure. This Lite version is not just meant for those who don’t have access to a lot of data. It’s also for those who are sick of having useless things getting in the way of chatting.

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