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Microsoft Puts an End to Windows Phone

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The tech world wasn’t at all surprised when Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted during the weekend that we need to say good bye to the Windows Phone as the company will discontinue it. Those who own one should not be worried because Microsoft has promised to keep on fixing bugs and issuing updates. However, when it comes to hardware and features, they will stop developing any.

It’s not like people were not expecting this news especially because everyone knows about Microsoft’s struggles when it comes to the mobile market. However, there was a time when it looked like the company was planning to continue with the Windows Phone, maybe just to see what happens. Back in 2016, Microsoft even introduced some new features for the Windows Mobile. However, it seems like nothing could have stopped Windows Phone’s death.

Saying goodbye to the Windows Phone

It’s interesting that even if most people had suspected that the end of the Windows Phone was near, it wasn’t until Belfiore’s tweets that everything got confirmed. According to him, the main problem as that the user base was far too small to justify the large investments from the app developers. And this is completely true, as sales for Windows mobile devices are now nearing zero. Considering all this, who would keep on investing into a practically dead business?

This is also a sad day for the fans of the Windows Phone platform. Many are still considering it the most pleasant and easy to use out of all those modern ones. It was the cleanest and most attractive of them all. It was in a way that today’s platforms will probably never be. Also, maybe the biggest regret that fans have is that Microsoft ruined what could have been an amazing project with some simple mistakes.

Something that could have been great

When Windows Phone 7 came out back in 2010, it was an extension of the old mobile software. It shouldn’t have been like that and when the Windows Phone 8 finally came out two years later, things got better. However, it was never enough to compete with the giants that were emerging, like Apple and Samsung. This is why it slowly died and now, it will be completely buried too. It’s a shame but sometimes, we must learn to just let go.

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