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It’s Google’s Pixel Buds Versus Apple’s AirPods

Google Pixel Buds in grey

Yesterday, Google officially announced the second installment of its popular Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. However, apart from this highly-anticipated announcement, the company also revealed something else, as part of its growing hardware business. The most important of those products were the Pixel Buds, a pair of wireless around the neck earbuds which, in a way, come as a response to Apple’s AirPods.

Those earbuds are meant to be an accessory for the new devices which no longer have a headphone jack. Again, fairly reminiscent of Apple’s strategy. Moreover, even their price is exactly the same, $159. However, there are certain differences between the two earbuds and people deserve to know more about those.

The Pixel Buds versus the AirPods

The battery life for the Pixel Buds is of about five to six hours. However, they come with a special case that can recharge your buds up to four times. Again, this is not much different than the AirPods, but Pixel’s case is much smaller and easy to carry and maneuver than Apple’s. Also, the fact that the buds won’t be in your ear but against it resembles the AirPods. However, even if some people might want to also hear ambient noise, this is very bad news for those who would prefer a much more qualitative sound. One advantage that the Pixel Buds have is that they are adjustable, unlike Apple’s buds.

It also seems like Google has made it much easier to connect the buds to Bluetooth. They will also work on any other Android device. Of course, you might not get the full experience while using them with another Android device, but this is already a plus over the AirPods, which cannot be used with anything else.

A worthy competitor

As for the controls, the Pixel Buds are better here too. They are very easy to maneuver, and you just need to tap once to play or pause, tap twice to access notifications and swipe to adjust the volume. You have a lot more control with those than with Apple’s buds. And finally, according to Google, the Pixel Buds can perform real-time translation. It seems like you can say something and the buds will record it. After that, the precise translation will be delivered through your smartphone’s speakers. We don’t know if this really works but we’ll find out soon. But if it does, it may just give Apple a run for its money.

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