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iPhone X is Expensive, but People Still Want It

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The preorders for the new iPhone X from Apple will begin in just a few weeks. However, it seems like demand for the expensive and face-recognizing smartphone is already very high. At least this is what a recent survey by RBC Capital Markets tells us. After asking 4,000 people about their preferences, 28% of them said that are interested in buying the new iPhone X. Meanwhile, 20% said they would like to buy the iPhone 8 Plus, and only 17% showed an interest in the iPhone 8.

According to a research note from RBC, this survey helped in confirming the theory according to which the interesting design and capacities will still draw many buyers, despite it having a rather high price. Moreover, the same survey revealed that 57% of those who want to buy an iPhone X are inclined to choose the pricier 256GB version, and not the 64GB one. Apple will be pleased to hear this, especially because the 256GB model is $150 more expensive than the regular one.

Despite everything, iPhone X still draws buyers

So, it seems like it’s a bit too early along the road to call Apple’s new releases failures. Many have already done this just because the sales for the iPhone 8 are not spectacular. Have we already reached the superior limit when it comes to iPhones? Unlikely. Most of the buyers will wait to get their hands on the iPhone X. This is the main explanation for what is going on with the 8. Even in comparison, the 8 is not much different than the 6 from three years ago. It looks essentially the same and its specifications are not that evolved either. So why go and buy one? Why not wait, make some economies and finally get the new and shiny device that everyone will admire.

The iPhone lineup is not a failure by any means

Meanwhile, analysts are saying that people will surely buy the iPhone X because it’s the first model that represents an abrupt change from what started with iPhone 6. Then there is the Face ID feature that surely made many people curious, especially those who want to possess the newest technology. All in all, things are looking good, considering the early demand. And if those people will also buy the device, Apple might be in for another hit.

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