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Xbox One X, The World’s Most Powerful Console

Xbox One X

According to designer Bryan Sparks, the inspiration for the look of the popular Xbox console came from Stanley Kubrick’s legendary movie 2001: A Space Odyssey from 1968. That masterpiece changed the way people saw and thought of science fiction forever. And Sparks said that the image the team had in mind when creating the design of the Xbox was that of a monolith. In the movie, that iconic, giant building was a metaphor for the future, for advancement. And this is what they were going for with the video game console.

Sparks also revealed that the design of last year’s Xbox One S, that white, sleek look also meant progress. So, when the team created the design for the new Xbox One X, the much-more powerful console, they knew they had to keep that tone. It’s still a black, matte monolith but without it being just a block. It’s something there that speaks volumes.

The Xbox One X

Sparks revealed that when thinking about the design of the new console, him and his team knew they had to make it compact. Even more compact than a normal PC and smaller than the Xbox One S. But the most difficult part was that the console had to also be 40% more powerful than any previous version.

The Xbox One X’s previous name was Project Scorpio. The console will arrive on November 7th and it will cost $499. Also, it might just be the last console Microsoft will ever release, but that remains to be seen. And while the new console is undoubtedly a leap from what we see today in gaming. It’s nothing revolutionary but it’s also the most powerful console in the world. What an unfair title! The main thing the new console offers is the ability to play 4K games at higher rates.

The line between two generations

The new Xbox One X will be the first console to walk that line between the current generation and the next one. There is also the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will too try to enter this new era of gaming. As for its initial name, the console will still work on the Scorpio engine, its heart and soul. All in all, there is nothing much to say apart from we’ll have to wait and see. But if Microsoft’s attempt will be successful, Xbox One X will surely not be the last gaming console from the company.

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