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Amazon Introduces New Alexa Powered Devices

Amazon Echo powered by Alexa

Three years ago, Amazon released the first Echo smart speaker. Since then, the Echo has been one of the best-selling devices that the company has ever made, unlike the huge failure that was the attempt to make a smartphone. Fortunately, people forgot that very quickly and Echo became a huge success. Now, the company has introduced a collection of new devices which are all powered by the Alexa virtual assistant.

Maybe Amazon has finally understood what customers really want and what their needs are. Maybe it’s just an opportunity to become even bigger and the company doesn’t plan to let it go. Whatever the case might be, you now have an entire array of new devices to choose from.

New Alexa powered devices

All of those devices, which Amazon introduced on Wednesday, are less expensive and smaller. Most of them are designed to take care of certain areas of you home. The company now even has an alarm clock called the Echo Spot. It doesn’t do much apart from looking pretty on a night stand and waking you up in the morning. But those devices don’t really need to do much. And this is exactly the idea Amazon is basing its new devices on.

If until now Amazon was usually ignoring the competition and focusing on the customers’ needs, the situation has changed. Those new devices are clearly made to compete with the new smart speakers from Apple and Google. So, now, the company is looking for ways to make Alexa a part of their customers’ lives. If successful, this strategy could put Amazon ahead of its competitors. Especially now that experts have said that voice assistants and commands will be the most popular form of interaction with devices. Even more so than touchscreens.

Trying to make Alexa indispensable

According to the company, people use Alexa mainly for communications, music and for controlling other home devices. Amazon has also said that those devices have become so popular that people are now putting them everywhere. They have one in their garage, one in their living room and another one in their hallway. Apart from this alarm clock, Amazon has also released an updated, cylindrical Echo device and an Echo Plus. The latter will help you control other devices in your home.

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