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You Can Only Wash Google and Levi’s Smart Jacket 10 Times

Google and Levi's smart jacket

You may have probably heard about the “smart jacket” that Google has recently created in collaboration with Levi Strauss. It may sound like something extremely sophisticated and out of a sci-fi movie. In reality, this jacket is not better than the glasses and the smart watch that resulted from this collaboration some time ago. And this is not a very god prospect for the two companies that really wanted to bring something different to the table. Maybe it’s a bit early for smart clothes? Maybe they just didn’t do it right. Bottom line is, the “smart jacket” is not very smart at all.

Google and Levi’s “smart jacket”

This smart clothing piece is actually a denim jacket called Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google. Apart from being a mouthful, this jacket is also the first such item that has resulted from the collaboration between Google and Levi’s. It all started back in May 2015 and initially, it was supposed to make reality a pair of “smart jeans”. The idea behind this concept wasn’t bad at all. The companies intended to use the newly-invented conductive fabric which could data without the use of wires.

It seems like the “smart jeans” never saw the light of day, but the “smart jacket” did. Its price is $350 and it works approximately on the same principle. Thanks to the jacquard fabric, the data is being transmitted in the entire jacket without any wires attached. This allows the “smart” part of the jacket to function. The problem is that the jacket doesn’t really do much to help you out. Or, it does everything a normal smart watch would do too. The jacket’s “smart tag” lights up and vibrates when you receive notifications, and you only need to tap it to issue commands.

Not the best investment

It’s interesting that the sleeve of the jacket is touch sensitive, which means that you can issue orders on your smartphone by moving your arm. Another problem is that the jacket is useless without a smartphone nearby and even without headphones on. And finally, the biggest problem of all, you can only wash it 10 time before the fabric becomes useless for the smart features. So, it seems like Google and Levi’s “smart jacket” is not very smart and no very useful either. Sure, if you have a passion for fashion and technology, go ahead!

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