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Strike of Video Game Voice Actors about to End

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Back in October last year, the unusual video game voice actor strike seems to be finally nearing its end. About 11 months since its start, the SAG-AFTRA union might have finally reached an agreement with the 11 video game companies the strike targeted. This union is the one representing the actors who borrow their voices for video games. Among those 11 companies are giants like Electronic Arts, Activision and Warner Bros. With a length of about a year, this strike was the longest ever in the history of SAG.  According to the union, the parts reached a deal on Saturday morning.

Video game voice actors strike about to end

The union reportedly agreed to end the strike but only if some terms will be respected from now on. The voice actors want certain bonuses for their work, and the actor should receive this payment before the game’s actual release. Also, the sum will be calculated after the number of sessions the actor has participated in. The actor should receive $75 for the first session, and after 10 sessions, they should receive about $2,100.

Moreover, the union asked for another form of payments for the actors. The performer should receive another full-scale payment for every 500,000 units sold from that respective game. If a video game sells 2 million copies, the actors should receive four other, secondary payments. However, it seems like this request was too much and the union agreed to end the strike without it.

The previous deal said that every voice actor represented by SAG-AFTRA received $100 per hour, plus additional bonuses and benefits. After the deal, Gabrielle Carteris, president of SAG-AFTRA, said in an official statement that it was very important for them to reach this agreement, especially in such a niche industry that doesn’t get much recognition. She also saluted the courage of the members of the union and acknowledged that together, they managed to be stronger.

They’ve reached an agreement

The man in charge of negotiating this deal said that it improved transparency. This is a very good thing for the members of the union. Also, the new deal makes companies disclose a lot more details about their projects when they want an actor to sign in. For example, what language they’ll be using, the theme and nature of the video game.

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