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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, a Fitting Conclusion

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The new Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is the most fitting conclusion to the story that began in the second video game. It still has all the concepts that a true fan of the series should be familiar with. However, the studio decided to push even further some of those concepts. Basically, the game follows the same rules as before but doesn’t hesitate to force them.

 The game picks up a few months after the events in Dishonored 2. Even if it’s a DLC, it manages to keep that same feeling of reality when it comes to the world the game takes place in. It’s not real, but it’s so believable that the player feels it like being real. This is maybe one of the things where this series did a phenomenal job.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

The players will take on the role of Billie Lurk, a familiar face for those who also played the DLC to the first Dishonored game, The Knife of Dunwall. Billie is an interesting character, with a story of her own and with many faces too. Having grown up on the streets, she learned how to take care of herself after her alcoholic mother abandoned her. Then Daud came and rescued her from her misery and turned into the hooded figure she has become today.

Billie is a free spirit who is not afraid to take some radical decisions. This is why players will get the feeling of liberation when playing her. The morality system is gone, so players will now be able to fulfill their most sadistic desires. This is a good thing when you use it to take care of the bad guys. This game is also perfectly capable of creating more narratives in a way that doesn’t feel overcrowded. Instead, it makes sense.

Billie Lurk, a familiar face

Billie always carries around a heart with her and has a special ability thanks to which rats (yes, rats) offer her valuable information about the people around. The Outsider, the god of this universe also visits Billie at one point. All in all, while not being a perfect game, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider indeed delivers. It’s fresh while also being familiar, a characteristic that’s extremely difficult to accomplish.

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