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Super Mario Odyssey is Actually a Great Game

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During the E3 event from earlier this year, Nintendo’s new game called Super Mario Odyssey seemed very complicated and difficult to control. Part of this problem were the bizarre controls which mainly had to do with Mario’s companion, Cappy, who is a… hat.

As months went by, people in the industry began asking themselves whether or not the final product was going to become better or worse. Surely, that 10-minute demo of the game from E3 couldn’t have been too indicative for the final thing. So, everyone exhaled full of contempt after the new, 90-minute demo was released. Things had not gotten worse, but much better.

Super Mario Odyssey

One of the most helpful things which this longer demo had was a full-fledged tutorial. So, the seemingly bizarre controls suddenly became crystal-clear. Mario still has his old tricks, but he also has some new ones up his sleeve and it’s up to the tutorial to explain them to you. Also, this game is very fun because it lets you do a lot of things. For example, Cappy can possess a goomba and use this in your advantage. Triple jumps are still there and are very helpful.

Nintendo offers an enormous world, full of possibilities and things to do. The variation of this world is also huge and this means that you can either use or interact with a large number of objects. As for the controls, Nintendo uses the Joy-Con ones, which are motion-augmented. Sure, you can also use the Pro Controller if you feel more comfortable, but it’s clear that the company intended this game for the Joy-Con ones. It just feels a lot more natural and easy to play the game like this. It could be weird at first, but practice makes perfect.

A huge and entertaining game

Players will find themselves throwing Cappy at basically everything they see. The hat friend has the ability to catch (but it actually possesses) various things. So, it’s always interesting to see how the world around you changes after doing that. Also, possessing various beings can help you in your progress. For example, a Cheep-Cheep will allow you to swim without worrying about drowning. All in all, Super Mario Odyseey is the epitome of what a Nintendo game should look like. If you are a fan, you should not miss it.

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