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What Would Bill Gates Change About Windows

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It seems like Windows users are not the only ones having certain problems and annoyances with the famous and highly-popular operating system. Everyone who knows the dreaded key combination of “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” absolutely hates it. The process of rebooting a program is very annoying, takes time and seems to have its origins in the stone age. Well, apparently, Bill Gates himself has the exact same problem with this combination.

On Wednesday, he spoke at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in Manhattan. Among other things, the famous Microsoft co-founder revealed that this reboot process still bothers him to this day. He admitted that if he could, he would go back in time and give up on the combination. Instead, he would only make one key open the task manager which people use to reboot a program.

Bill Gates hates “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” too

So, during Wednesday’s event, Bill Gates revealed that those people who have created this combination should have made it much easier to do. One single key would have been more than enough for this operation. He revealed that he understands the people’s hate towards it and that he doesn’t like it either.

It’s extremely interesting that Wednesday’s event wasn’t the only time Gates talked about this and complained that it should have been made in another way. Back in 2013, during a fundraiser event at Harvard University, the Microsoft boss said than an IBM employee, who he didn’t name, came up with this combination. Nobody liked it, but he still implemented it.

This person was in charge of creating the IBM keyboard design. It was an easy task to have only one button to do the operation, but the guy didn’t listen. So, this is how we ended up with the dreaded, three-key combination.

It was a mistake

Actually, the story behind the combination is that David Bradley, an IBM computer engineer came up with it to make thing easier for the team. Coding glitches was taking too much time, so he invented this solution. The long distance between the keys prevented a regular user from accidentally pressing them. Moreover, it seems like at first, users were not supposed to know the combination. Bradley had created it only for the people working on the operating system.

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