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The Differences Between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

iPhone 7 Plus in rose gold

With the official announcement of its new devices, Apple is jumping over a step, especially in what concerns the absence of an iPhone 9 and a 7S. So, instead of coming with a follow-up for the iPhone 7, Apple has simply decided to instead introduce the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, along with the very expensive X.

However, many people have begun wondering if an upgrade from their old iPhone 7 to the 8 or 8 Plus would be a good idea. Well, there is not a clear answer for that, as everyone has their preferences and needs. However, there are some major differences between the two devices, and people should know about them.

iPhone 7 versus iPhone 8

For starters, the design of the two smartphones is almost identical. The bottom and top bezels are still there, unlike the X, where they disappeared completely. Moreover, the 7 even comes in more colors than the 8, but maybe this is something that Apple will fix later. There are five different colors for the 7, while the newer device only comes in three, pretty basic ones.

If you were to hold both devices in your palms at the same time, you would surely notice that the 8 is heavier, even if it’s almost the same size. The reason for this is the 8’s glass design, instead of aluminum, like it was the case for 7. Apple took this decision to make it easier for the wireless charging technology to be implemented. However, people might not like such a heavy and even fragile phone. Now we also have to worry about the back of the phone cracking.

Another similarity in the phones’ design is that they both have the traditional Touch ID sensor. Only the iPhone X comes with the controversial Face ID. The home button is also still there for the 8 too. So, a change from 7 to 8 might not feel that drastic. Also, the performance is reportedly slightly better on the 8 too.

Is an upgrade crucial?

The answer would be no. Sure, if you would like to have one of the newest devices and think that the X is too expensive, you could do that. But note that there are not many differences between the 7 and the 8, apart maybe from the glass back.

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