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Final Fantasy IX Launching for PS4 Today in Japan

Title card for original Final Fantasy IX

Fans of the PlayStation 4 console will be indeed happy to find out that one of the classic RPG video games from developer Square Enix is going to come out on it. We are talking about the popular Final Fantasy IX video game. Rumors surrounding this release started when the Pan European Gaming Information Board has recently rated this popular video game again, but this time, they did it for the PlayStation 4 version.

This was a huge hint towards the official announcement which took place today at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show. Even more amazing is the fact that the game is launching today, but only in Japan. No word yet regarding a possible future release in other countries too.

Final Fantasy IX coming to the PS4

Many people in the industry kind of predicted this announcement when rumors about the PS4 rating surfaced. Even if the Entertainment Software Board on the North American continent is yet to rate the game, this could indeed happen soon, as those bodies usually follow each other.

Fans of Square Enix’s popular RPG should remember that Final Fantasy IX originally came out on the classic PlayStation, back in 2000. Over the course of those 17 years, the developer company re-released the game for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and more recently, even for the PlayStation 3.

As recently as last year, the company took the game and released it for the PC. Also, even for mobile devices, for everyone to be able to enjoy its magic. By the looks of it, it seems like the current gen console, the PlayStation 4, is the next stop for this entertaining video game. It’s worth noting that this game was the last one from the Final Fantasy series to have its release on the original PlayStation console.

For now, only in Japan

The story of Final Fantasy IX takes place in the fictional medieval world called Gaia. Zidane Tribal, the main protagonist of the game, along with his band of thieves, receives the mission to kidnap the Princess of Alexandria. The game also deals with war and an even bigger threat that might destroy not one, but two different worlds. It remains to be seen if Square Enix will announce the PlayStation 4 release for other countries too.

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