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iOS 11’s Hidden Features for An Easier Life

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We should be used by now to the fact that Apple releases a new and improved version of its iOS operating system with almost each new iPhone release. This year keeps the tradition going, and when you finally get the new iPhone X (or 8 and 8 Plus for that matter), you will be able to test the iOS 11 too. As usual, it brings many minor but important alterations. For example, a new loom for the Apple Store, a new SOS feature in case of an emergency, or even the ability to record your screen. However, there are some hidden features too which will surely make your life as an iPhone user much easier.

Hidden, but helpful features

We all have our phones full of photos and videos that we don’t want to let go, even if they fill up the memory. Now, thanks to the high-efficiency video codec and image format, iOS 11 will keep the quality of your memories, while making them take up less space. So, this will help users keep string memories without worrying about the lack of memory on their Apple devices.

Also, storage management is also a much better-organized element now. Now, the system will also offer hints and pieces of advice for how to store your files. This way, they won’t take up your memory. For example, the iPhone can tell you to store your photos in the iCloud so that they don’t burden your phone’s memory.

Those weird black and white symbols that you sometimes see on various products are QR codes which you can scan. While they are not that popular, Apple still wants to make things easier. Before, you had to download another app to read them. Now, with iOS 11 you can scan them by using the phone’s camera directly.

A much easier life

With the new operating system, you can now see and control whether or not certain apps can use your location. The Location Services option will now allow you to set the app to use your location only when you need it. So, it will not use it all the time, as before.

Finally, thanks to Safari, cookies are now blocked on websites. This means that those annoying adds that keep following you will not appear anymore. However, the others will.

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