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Uncharted and The Last of Us Director Leaves Naughty Dog

Nathan Drake from Uncharted, by Naughty Dog

Recently, one of the most important people at the Naughty Dog videogame studio has officially announced that he is leaving the company. After working there for about 20 years, Bruce Straley said that he felt part of a family. Also, that he is leaving the studio in the hands of the best team it’s ever had. Also, he called this the most difficult decision of his entire career. He also explained on the studio’s official website that he will miss the people he met there the most. Straley explained that he liked the team’s approach when it came to solving problems and that everyone was working together.

Leaving Naughty Dog after two decades

Straley said that when he started working at Naughty Dog he didn’t expect to create such friendships. Also, to open up to so many people. He went on by explaining that so many people grew under his eyes and exceeded their own expectations. And that made him very proud. In the end, Straley thanked some special people for him, including Amy Hennig and Neil Druckmann, with whom he collaborated for the Uncharted series of games.

The first game he worked on back in 1999 was the popular Crash Team Racing. As for recent games, he was a co-director for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, along with Amy Hennig. Also, he was a co-director on the amazing The Last of Us and one of the latest Uncharted games, A Thief’s End, this time with Druckmann.

It’s an interesting story which took place before the Uncharted 4 video game became what we all know today. Amy Hennig was originally the one responsible with the development of the game. The original story was supposed to have Nathan Drake’s brother, Sam Drake, as the main antagonist, alongside Rafe Adler. However, after Amy quit the company, Druckmann and Straley took on the project. They did it after completing the development of The Last of Us. They made some huge changes to the story and became the current version.

Saying goodbye

However, last year, it was announced that Straley was not going to return for the sequel to The Last of Us video game. After that, he said that he wanted to take some time off for himself. Now, it seems that his decision turned into something else and he decided to quit the studio.

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