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Metroid: Samus Returns, a Journey into the Past

Action figure of Samus Aran

Metroid: Samus Returns is nothing new, nor is it revolutionary. Moreover, it’s actually only the remake of the classic Gameboy videogame. However, the game is so well done that some may even see it as a return to glory for one of the most successful and popular Nintendo series. Recently, we have been used to seeing the adventures of bounty hunter Samus Aran from her perspective, as a first-person shooter. However, this remake takes us back into the past, and bring back the platforming that made this series so incredible and popular.

Metroid: Samus Returns, going back to the classic ways

The game doesn’t change much from the original. However, it only improves and puts its magic touch on the best characteristics of the old game. So, the good aspects are now better. The bad aspects are now very good. The controls for the game are amazing and respond extremely well to the touch, and the mood that the game offers is unprecedented. It really has that nostalgic flavor to it, one that older gamers and fans of the franchise will surely appreciate.

As for the story of the game, those who have played the original game on the Gameboy might know what to expect. The remake doesn’t change much here. In a time when the Metroid parasite has become extremely dangerous, bounty hunter Samus Aran is sent by the Galactic Federation to destroy it. It all happens on the planet called SR388. It’s interesting that the player will only see a small amount of story in the beginning. It all unfolds throughout the game, even if it’s not a spectacular narrative. But the Metroid games have never been about this, but more about the experience of fighting those creatures. If it takes place in space, even better.

A gift for the nostalgic ones

Metroid: Samus Returns does an amazing job at setting up that spooky and mysterious atmosphere that made the game famous. There’s not much story to be told and when something happens, you don’t usually get dialogue. Instead, the way Samus moves, acts or the way the environment changes should give you a good idea about what’s happening. All in all, this remake is one of the best games for the Nintendo 3DS. It doesn’t feel like a remake at all. If this is the direction this series is going in, fans should be really happy.

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