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Modders Turn Super Mario 64 into Online Multiplayer

Super Mario 64 game

Back in June this year, the classic hit Super Mario 64 turned 21-years old. However, this doesn’t mean that those nostalgic players forgot the game and how it was like to enjoy it with your friends. This is the reason why a group of very talented modders decided to transform the old game into a multiplayer which you can download. The adventure was never meant to be played by more people, but thanks to their talent, up to 24 friends can now join you and play through the game’s classic levels. We are not sure if Nintendo will like this initiative, but they cannot do much about it.

Super Mario 64 is now a multiplayer

Nintendo is known to not tolerate version of their games which are unauthorized. So, it’s very possible that the company will ask the DMCA to take it off. So, just to be sure, you may want to try it as soon as possible with your friends. Just for the sake of old times. The modders who built the game are Melonspeedruns, Kaze Emanuar and Marshivolt. The game actually acts like a tool which can alter a ROM version of the classic game. So, those who want to play it will surely need a software that can emulate an N64 game.

The beginning is a bit difficult, as it requires someone to alter some settings. The person needs to establish the host of the game session as well as the necessary things to run your game. In order for this to be easier, there is a video tutorial here which will help you get through this part. After that, you and your friends will be able to enjoy the classic levels of the game, while controlling an entire list of new characters, each more different than the other.

Nintendo might not agree

It’s true that the levels in the game are left untouched. So, by travelling through them with more characters will make your mission very easy. However, this experience can turn into an amazing one, just for the sake of old times. Still, it’s important to know that you should play it as soon as possible. The last time someone fooled around with a Nintendo game, the company took it down in a few days.

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