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Facebook Testing Pre-Loaded Instant Videos

Facebook Watch, where users can watch various videos

It’s very interesting that social media platforms have begun experimenting with various changes in their systems. This is what Facebook is also doing, considering what it announced on Monday. The company is reportedly testing a new feature called Instant Videos in collaboration with a small and select number of Android users. According to reports, this feature is going to pre-download videos while a device has access to Wi-fi and then load them even if there is no Internet connection. This could help greatly if someone’s is not near a Wi-fi spot or if they live in a developing country where Internet speed is not very good.

Testing a new feature

It seems like Zuckerberg’s company confirmed that this new feature is meant as a way of breaking the barrier of data costs while watching videos on it. So, after enabling Instant Videos feature, users will be able to watch those videos even if the internet connection is weak or is missing. This way, they will be able to save mobile data and therefore not pay if they go over the limit. A very useful addition which will help a large number of people struggling with this issue every single day.

Users navigating through Facebook will recognize pre-downloaded videos because they will have a lightning bolt near them. So, when someone want to watch one of those, they will not have to wait for those to load because the loading will be already completed. However, nobody knows right now how will the company select which videos to pre-download and which ones to not pre-download. Also, it’s not certain for how long will those videos remain on the user’s phone. Facebook also announces users about this feature within the app. This way, people know they can watch videos without mobile data on.

A very useful initiative

It’s interesting that this is not Facebook’s first initiative when it comes to video content. Recently, it launched the Watch Tab where users can watch original content crated by certain people, especially for Facebook. It’s not a secret how much these platforms count on the video hits. However, the company didn’t reveal when or if this new feature will roll out on the iPhone. Also, if they are planning anything more with it.

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