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Huge Apple Leak Reveals Secrets on New iPhone

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This weekend, a number of journalists succeeded in taking a look at Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system. The interesting part is that it supposedly contained a lot of new details about the upcoming devices. Also, even about a new Apple TV and Watch. If those rumors turn out to be true, this could be the biggest leak in the history of technology. Even bigger than when the company left an iPhone in a bar. This way, it seems like we got a lot of details about what Apple is going to show off during today’s presentation. There is nothing certain, and those rumors could be intentionally released to trick us.

New details on what Apple is planning

Firstly, it seems like Apple is indeed planning to release three different iPhone models. Thanks to a tweet, we now also have their official names. Apart from this, the new iPhone X will indeed come with a face recognition software and it seems it will be called Face ID. Also, users will supposedly be able to use the Face ID to make purchases through Apple Pay. You will reportedly just need to double tap the side button and then your payment will be confirmed.

Another extremely interesting addition are the so-called Animoji. Thanks to the Face ID, the user will be able to create customized voice and animated messages which are going to reflect your face expressions. It seems like some people have already discovered how will those work. If this rumor is true, those Animoji will surely bring something completely new to the table.

As for the iPhone X, it will supposedly come with a huge A11 processor, with six cores. This comes after the iPhone 7 had four cores, which Apple completely designed by itself. Also, it’s possible that the company will give up on the Lightning jack in favor of the USB-C port.

A Watch and a TV

There is also a new Watch coming from Apple, called the Watch LTE. It’s interesting that supposedly it won’t require an iPhone, but it will function by itself. Finally, it seems like the company is also coming out with a new TV 4K. People have been waiting for it for a long time.

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