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Twitter and its New Tweetstorm Feature

Twitter has a hidden tweetstorm feature

Many people have complained over the years about Twitter’s signature 140-character limit. Sure, users have found a solution to this problem by posting chain tweets. However, this can get tricky and if you don’t know exactly what to do and how to post, it will be a mess and your message will surely not come across very clear. Fortunately, it seems like people over at Twitter have also worked on a solution to this problem. This is how the new and unreleased Tweetstorm feature came to be. The Android app has a hidden option which lets users compose lengthier tweets then splits them and posts them all at once.

The hidden Tweetstorm

This Tweetstorm feature could prove very useful, for both users and Twitter. Both parties could benefit from having these multiple tweets connected with each other. Users can tell a longer story without having to split it in bizarre chunks, inform people about certain situations or rant about what they don’t like in one go. Long story short, a tweetstorm can help a user post a much deeper message than a normal, 140-character tweet, would never be able to convey. It seems like TNW director of social media Matt Navarra received this sighting of the tweetstorm from a user with the pseudonym Devesh Logendran. He then twitted the discovery himself.

It’s interesting that Twitter refused to comment on this feature. The company also didn’t specify when or if it’s planning to ever launch it. Rumor has it that the company didn’t make it available for public testing. It’s worth noting that since 2014, those DIY tweetstorms have become increasingly popular. A few important people in the industry created and tested this initiative, which allows people to make public longer stories, thoughts or messages.

A DIY tweetstorm

The idea is to manage to reply to each of your previous tweet so that they all appear as a chain. So, if you ever want to do this, you must not post again and again or only reply to the first tweet. However, there are many who think that this is Twitter’s flavor, to only let users post short messages. Want a longer post? Go on a blog, or on Facebook. All in all, Twitter might do well to introduce this feature. It would simplify things greatly.

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