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YouTube Videos and How to Upload Your Own

YouTube hosts a huge number of videos

In an age where more and more people are making career out of filming and posting various YouTube videos, it’s important to know how can you do that. Video blogging (or vlogging) has become so popular that it seems that almost everybody is doing it. But here is one very important step that not everyone knows how to do, and that is posting on the most popular video streaming platform, YouTube. So, whether you are new or just haven’t bothered to post anything until now, you should know that YouTube made it easier for people to post their creations.

Begin at the beginning

At first, you will need to have a Google/YouTube account. Uploading videos cannot be done without one so, if you don’t have it, go make it. It’s very simple and it only takes a few minutes. If you do have such an account, then things will be easier. You will need to sign in on your account from YouTube’s homepage top right corner. The next step is to click on the upload button, which you can also find on the top right corner and it resembles an arrow going up. A new page will open and from here, you’re ready to upload your first video.

At first, you should choose your private settings according to your liking. Those establish who can see your video. You can also schedule it, put it on private, on public or you can make it “unlisted”. This option will not allow your video to appear in searches. Instead, viewers will need to access a direct link or go to your personal YouTube profile. After that, you can upload your video from your computer to YouTube. After confirming your actions, the upload page will appear. But be patient! Depending on the quality and length of the video, it may take some time.

Ready to leave your mark

While you are waiting for your video to upload, you can set a title, a description box with info, and many other features which YouTube offers you. After completing the upload, the platform will offer you three options to choose your thumbnail from. If you happen to have a verified account, then you’ll have more options. After that, you can hit the Publish button and you’re ready to become the next big thing.

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