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Facebook Claiming It Reaches More People than Actually Exist

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It seems like Facebook might be saying that it reaches far more people than the United States census is saying actually exist. The social media platform is saying that it manages to reach about 41 million people with ages between 18 and 24. Well, the census is saying that there are actually only 31 million of them in the country. As for those between 25 and 34, Facebook says that there are 60 million. At the same time, the census contradicts it, saying that there are only 35 million of them.

A bizarre situation

Brian Wieser, a senior advertising analyst at a research company is the one who actually discovered this weird situation. He then went on to send emails announcing the discrepancy. What is actually even more alarming it’s that most agency executives had no idea about it. Still, this doesn’t mean that those who want to buy media are going to stop spending their money on Facebook. On the contrary. However, this could hurt the platform’s chances of gaining more money than those classic TV advertisements. Facebook has mentioned countless times that it’s approach is only based on people and that it’s organic in all the possible ways. It’s interesting that recently, the platform launched it Watch Tab. This allows various content creators or companies to make their own videos which people will watch on this tab.

The expert also explained that for years Facebook has been exaggerating with its number of views, the organic reach of pages, and many other things which could alter a possible planning of the budget. Also, Facebook is currently trying to become a force when it comes to premium video content. But this will put it face to face with fierce competitors like YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. They also took the same path.

Facebook is trying to stay ahead

There is another issue with Facebook’s reported data. It’s widely known that there are many children who use this social media platform. Most saying that they’re older than they actually are. So, this might be the root of this miscalculation. This issue hit the company in a time where it’s not really swimming in clear waters. This only adds to its problems with fake news and other problems.

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