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Twitter Bringing “Night Mode” on Desktop Too

Twitter Night Mode

It seems like Twitter wants to go dark this season and wants to surprise those people who use the desktop version more frequently. This is why, now, if you happen to use a computer more than a mobile device, you will be able to select the “Night Mode” interface for the popular social media platform. Fans of mobile devices should know that this change has already been introduced for both Android and iOS operating systems. It actually happened last year. The idea is that this darker toned-theme could help users with their eye strain. Especially considering how many people are scrolling through Twitter at night, it could indeed be a nice change.

Twitter’s “Night Mode” engaged

Also, writing and pictures are easier to notice and read on a darker colored background, as opposed to the classic, white one. So, if you are a night owl who doesn’t really like light and prefers the dark corners, this is the theme for you. Or, if you want to go undercover and be safer, this is also the best solution for you. However, this “Night Mode” is not really as dark as its name might suggests. The color is not black, but more of a dark blue. Still, the creators probably thought that this would bring a nice balance, as opposed to making the background completely dark.

There is also one nice advantage this theme brings. It makes almost any kind of cover image look so much better. There is an elegance and a sophistication that only a darker color could have brought. People should know that this change might not be available right away for everyone. Still, you can try to activate it by pressing the icon on the top of the page’s right corner. A menu will appear and at its very bottom, you will have to toggle on the “Night Mode”.

A nice change

Many web experts recommend that you do this. Not only because it really looks better and adds a more modern flavor to Twitter. Also, because it’s much better for your eyes, already extremely tired from probably looking into a monitor all day. Also, if you are a Tumblr fan, it might remind you of it too. But this is not a bad thing at all.

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