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What Will Change After the Release of iPhone 8?

iPhone with its face down

Each year, when Apple comes out with a new iPhone device, the company says it will groundbreaking or that it will change the tech world forever. Of course, this usually doesn’t happen, but we are already accustomed to that. Apple is known as a company who takes baby steps to accomplish one very ambitious goal. It has indeed introduced some amazing changes to the industry, but this never happen each time it released a smartphone. This year is no different. Apple promised once again that the upcoming iPhone 8 (this is still speculation as we don’t yet know its official name) will be revolutionary. Only this time, the company might indeed be right.

The revolutionary iPhone 8

It’s true that there are many people who are already sued to hose new phones which have little to no bezels at all. People working in the industry, or even those who share a passion for technology might not see it as anything special. However, most normal people have yet to see a bezel-less phone in person. Most probably, they are going to do this once the new iPhone gets released. Another point for Apple. The front part of the upcoming device will mark the most important such change since the first iPhone was released. Last year, Apple gave up on the Home Button and it introduced a touch pad. Now, the company will completely get rid of any trace of it. Long story short, most people will be shocked to see how different the new model will look.

On September 12, most people will get introduced to this not-so-new bezel-less design. However, for them, it will be as if Apple invented the whole thing. Samsung did it first, but who will remember that? Only those truly passionate about technology.

What will change?

As for the price, rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone will start at about $1.000. This is actually the biggest step Apple has taken when it comes to increasing the price. Sure, the costs for making these new devices are surely bigger. However, the steps forward are not as big as they were a few years ago when it was understandable to increase the price this much. Nowadays, there are minor changes that happen within the smartphone industry. Yet, somehow, prices go up a lot. And the iPhone 8 will not be any different.

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