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Knack II is a Surprisingly Good Game

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Nobody expected the sequel to the Knack PlayStation 4 exclusive video game to be any good. After all, the first game wasn’t good at all. And surely, there weren’t many people who wanted a sequel, but it’s indeed a very nice thing that we ended up having one. People should know that the original game was not the most amazing launch that it was probably expected to be. However, its sequel, which is coming out this week, rights all the wrongs of the first one and then adds some much-needed quality.

Knack II, a very good game

The original Knack had its official release back in 2013, for the PlayStation 4. And while it indeed looked very nice and colorful, its gameplay and content were not the best. You were controlling a character whose body was made up of various stone artifacts. While this was an amazing idea and one that has never been done before, the game made little to no use of this advantage. The idea was to go through all those levels and worlds in search for more artefacts. In turn, those were making the character grow even bigger. There were instances when the player had to make him shrink in order to fit in some small spaces. Other times, the player was able to compose his shell out of one single element. However, apart from those small sparks of inspiration, the game was completely boring.

Everything the player had to do was smash and battle waves of repetitive enemies and hope that it was enough to live until the next checkpoint. Well, in 2017, Knack II changes the game completely. The player still has to fight lots of enemies, but the arsenal of moves and the combat style has become increasingly bigger. Everything is far more complex.

A complete change from the first game

Now, Knack II makes use of the character shrinking abilities. And the platform levels force you to change his size numerous times because otherwise, you could not complete them. This is a welcome change, especially for a platform that has seen some amazing games over the years. Just think about Uncharted: A Thief’s End, Horizon Zero Dawn or The Witness. Then, you will realize why not many people remembered the first Knack. However, with this sequel, things might change completely.

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