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Logitech Introduces Smart, Craft Keyboard

Black keyboard

When Logitech launched their MX Master mouse, people in the industry immediately deemed it as being the best solution, especially when it comes to professional users. Also, it’s extremely useful for those who love to create and have a more artistic side. And this mouse has remained the best option since then. Now, it seems like the company is continuing what it started and will introduce a smart keyboard. This one will also be part of the MX series, like the mouse before it. It will be called the Craft keyboard.

Continuing the tradition

It may not look like a completely revolutionary item. It’s still a keyboard after all. However, what makes it so special and unique is the little knob located near its top left corner. Logitech called this the “creative input dial” and in a way, it resembles Microsoft’s Surface dial, without the Surface device. The keyboard will come with integrations for seven different and very useful apps. From the Office pack (only those with Windows can have it for now) to more creative tools like Photoshop or Premiere. This silver know also has some other, more basic functions. For example, users can turn the volume up or down, or turn pages in various documents. Users can apply those functions in any app, with only one condition: that it support the input.

It’s also very interesting that the top of this know is touch sensitive. So, you don’t have to rotate it. Simply touching it will bring up every option that you may want to access. If you tap on it, it works just like a click. It selects the option you want. From those who have managed to test it, it seems like Logitech had done an amazing job. The keyboard functions perfectly and this little dial trick is extremely useful.

The Craft keyboard

However, it’s worth noting that the Craft keyboard also does what a classical keyboard should do. And it does it perfectly. Without being aimed at gaming, it surely is one of the best on the market. Also, the light underneath the keys will automatically start shining whenever your hands come close to it. The Space bar is maybe one of the keys that should feel the stiffest. Well, it’s a bit soft and at times this can get annoying. Apart from this, the Logitech Craft keyboard is a must have. It will become available next month, at the price of $199.99.

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