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Nintendo Announces Lots of Indie Switch Games

Nintendo Switch console

While the Nintendo Switch console is seemingly very popular and a really nice addition for console lovers, many fans have been complaining about the lack of games for it. It would surely become even more popular if people would have what to play on it. It’s true that starting March and until August, Nintendo has been releasing some interesting titles. However, the company now seems to be focusing on future indie titles which they just announced through a long YouTube video on their official channel. Those games are supposed to have their release by the end of this year, and some even next year. Al will be Nintendo Switch exclusives.

New indie titles for the Nintendo Switch

The video is about 22 minutes long. It presents a large number of games, for every taste, which players will soon be able to enjoy. The company is probably doing this so that it can keep players busy, in the hope that they’ll stop complaining about the lack of games for Switch. One of the first such titles is the Super Meat Boy Forever video game, which is supposed to have its release sometime next year. This is a platformer, side-scrolling game which is sure to keep players entertained as each level increases in difficulty.

Mom Hid My Game is one of the most bizarre video games. It will also come to Switch by the end of this year. The premise is simple: find the game that your mother hid from you in each room of the house. However, the graphics and scenarios that complete this game make it extremely weird. Another game, Golf Story, is a different kind of RPG. While it’s still a golf simulator, it has an entire story which you’ll need to navigate in order to become very good at playing golf.

A large number of games to play

Floor Kids is one of the most exciting games set to come to the Nintendo Switch this year, around the winter holidays. It’s basically a simple dancing game but it’s design and atmosphere make it unique and very enjoyable.

There are surely many other titles which the video presents. Some of them will come out this year, while others the next. It’s a very good thing that players will now have what to choose from. Those games are varied and will surely satisfy the tastes of many categories of people.

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