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Dota 2 Getting Bad Steam Reviews because of Half-Life 3

Main characters from Half-Life

Fans of the Half-Life series have long been waiting for a new installment of their favorite game. At one point, they admitted that they would be happy with even a word about the fate of this popular video game series. Unfortunately, since 2007, when the last game got released, Valve has kept a low profile regarding their creation. Nobody really knows the reason behind their decision to no go forward. Now, it seems like the fans’ anger got so big that they are giving the multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 very bad reviews on Steam.

Bad reviews for Dota 2

But what could have made them so angry that they spilled their venom on another, completely different game? Well, it all started after a former Valve writer, Marc Laidlaw, posted a long letter on his blog. This wouldn’t have been a problem if he hadn’t talked about what could have been a possible story line for Half-Life 3. So, upon seeing how another game, Dota 2, got prioritized before their favorite series, some fans began giving some horrible reviews to this multiplayer game. The Steam page of the game is now full of comments regarding the stolen future of Half-Life 3. Also, about how this “boring game” kept Valve busy and prevented them from making a third installment of their favorite franchise.

Some fans are calling for Mr. Freeman, the main character from Half-Life, to come back into the spotlight. Others sad that Dota 2 took in all the studio’s creativity, which stopped them from going further with HL3. However, there are some other users who jumped to defend Dota 2. They think that those exaggerated reactions are not fair for a very popular game which most probably had nothing to do with the lack of HL3.

No new Half-Life installment

It’s also worth noting that those angry fans have targeted other games from Valve, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, the number of negative reviews is not as big as the Dota 2 ones. At the moment, nobody knows anything regarding a possible future game in the Half-Life series. The studio said numerous times that they are not yet planning a third game. But you never know in this business, especially considering how trends change.

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