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What You Should Know about Destiny 2 PC Beta

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Fans of the popular video game Destiny should already know that those of them who own an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 have already had the chance to test the Destiny 2 beta version. Meanwhile, those own prefer to play video games on PC have been waiting for quite some time. Luckily for them, developer Bungie has some great news. On August 28, the early access for the PC version of the beta started. It’s worth noting that only those who have preordered the full game gained access now. For the rest of them, the beta became available starting August 29.

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Still, players have the right to know how much content they are going to be able to enjoy during this beta. Unfortunately, there is not too much content for them. However, those who have already tested it are saying that fans should not be disappointed. This rather small amount of content is actually more than enough to form an opinion. The experience is overwhelming and should offer players a nice glimpse into what is to come in the long-anticipated sequel. Also, it’s important that the beta version will allow players to test various elements from the different game modes like Campaign, Strike and Crucible.

In what concerns the Campaign mode, players will get to create their own character. After that, the beta will allow them to test the very first mission, called Homecoming. As for the Crucible mode, players will be able to test two activities within it. Those are called Control and Countdown. The first one is the simpler one. Two competing teams battle with the sole purpose of gaining control over some areas. Points are won if the team members beat the other team members and complete their objective.

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As for the Countdown mode, this will be something completely new for Destiny and not much is known about it. Finally, the Strike mode of the game will allow beta PC players to test only one activity called The Inverted Spire. During this mode, players will be part of the same team and will have to accomplish objectives on Nessus, the popular planet. Si, it seems like the Destiny 2 beta will still be rich and players will surely not get bored while playing it.

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