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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, A Switch Exclusive

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Mario, the little Italian plumber with an epic moustache has been a videogame icon since the very beginnings of this form of entertainment. And one of the most important aspects of his character is that his creators have always known how to reinvent him. He can jump and fight to save the princess, but Mario can also race cars and play various sports. However, when the game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was first announced, many fans were skeptic regarding its fate. They were not sure about this bizarre combination of styles. They shouldn’t have been. This game works brilliantly and it’s much better than anyone expected.

A plumber and his friends

Ubisoft Paris and Milan actually made this Nintendo Switch exclusive title happen. This isn’t your usual Mario game, but a more tactics-oriented one. It requires se strategy skills but at the same time, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. As for those two environments combining, the story of the game starts with a time machine and a bizarre device which merges objects together. From this moment, the Rabbids are causing disaster in the popular Mushroom Kingdom.

Fan will notice that each individual level or area of the game has its own feeling and landscape. From fire worlds to icy ones, from quiet forests to volcanos. The graphics are cartoonish but offer a special flavor to this game. They are also extremely pretty. Those nostalgic players will feel like children again while playing this game.  Apart from this, you can collect coins and solve various puzzles which have a medium difficulty. The player gets to control three characters which form a party. The animations were so well done that players might stop and stare for a moment before continuing.

A Nintendo Switch exclusive

The game helps you by marking the battle stages right from the beginning. So, you’ll know when a battle will start. Each character from the party has its own unique abilities, apart from Mario. The plumber will do almost everything and has the most versatile weapons of them all. There is also a well-made cover system and extremely varied types of enemies. All in all, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a very good game which will keep players entertained. A bizarre combination, but one that works wonders.

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