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When Will the New iPhone Devices Go on Sale?

Apple iPhone 7S and when it will go on sale

September is usually not only that month of the year when children go back to school and fall comes upon us. September is also the month when Apple releases new iPhone devices and this year will be no different. It’s interesting that we now have enough information to start speculating about the new release. If the rumors are true, Apple will unveil their new device on September 12. So, taking into account this possible release date, one could predict the time it will go on sale. Until now, this release schedule has been very predictable. However, things might change a bit this year.

The possible schedule of events

The reason for this change could be the fact that Apple has decided to launch three separate iPhone devices. Those are the 7S, the 7S Plus, and the long-anticipated iPhone 8. However, it’s worth noting that while rumor has that the release date will be September 12, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything. The company also hasn’t said anything about those specific releases, but some reports are indicating towards this scenario.

Firstly, it’s possible that Apple will make the iPhone 7s and 7S Plus available for people to buy on September 22. This is all based on previous schedules which makes the phones available for sale the next Friday after the launch event. On September 20, everyone will probably be able to download the new iOS 11 operating system. So, users who have an iPhone 5S or newer devices (like the iPad Air, Pro or Mini) will be able to use the new version of the popular operating system.

On September 19, the first reviews for the iPhones will probably go live in order for people to know what they’re spending their money on. It’s also possible that Apple will introduce a new Apple Watch during this event too. Nothing is certain, but some rumors have been suggesting this.

The new Apple iPhone

As for the iPhone 8, Apple could indeed release it at the same time as the other three phones. However, it’s highly unlikely that the phones will follow the same schedule. The main reason for this is the iPhone 8’s power and popularity over the other models. Apple would never destroy their own chances of selling devices. So, we will see if this will indeed happen or if Apple actually has other plans this year.

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