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Sega Confirms Yakuza Kiwami 2 and PS4 Special Edition

Yakuza main character screenshot, from Sega

It appears like all those rumors and leaks that have been going around over the past few weeks have been proven to be true. Sega has apparently confirmed that a remake of the second Yakuza Kiwami video game is coming soon. At first, people were intrigued by the sudden appearance of the game in Taiwan’s PlayStation Store. Well, it seems it’s true. The remake will be launched on December 7 for the PlayStation 4. At the moment, this release date is only for Japan and most likely, it will take some time before the Western world will get to play it too.

A remake for Yakuza Kiwami 2 on the way

It’s also worth noting that the first installment of the Yakuza video game is getting its official release in the West this week. Considering that the game came out here seven months after its Japan release, fans will probably have to wait at least the same amount of time for the second one. What’s even more interesting is that the game already has a trailer. It seems like Sega prepared the field long before it officially announced the game. Fans should also know that in Japanese, Kiwami actually translates with the equivalent of “ultimate”. The same thing happened with the first game. It received its remake and it used the graphics engine from the sixth Yakuza game called The Song of Life.

The original version of the Yakuza 2 video game came out back in 2006, on the PlayStation 2. The Western fans got to play it after about two years. Reportedly, this remake of the second one will make the game better in the same aspects as the remake of the first one. The resolution will be higher, the textures and the frame rate improved, as well as better voice acting. There will also be small tweaks to the plot because now the game has to fit in with the prequel Yakuza O.

Remakes meant to make the game better

Sega also announced that the game will also feature a new playable scenario for fans to enjoy. This will reportedly star Majima, the construction worker. Moreover, Makoto might also make an appearance, even if he was not in the original game. Sega also made the official announcement about working on a video game adaptation of the popular anime Fist of the North Star.

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