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Cats and Dogs Coming to Sims 4 This Fall

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When vampires became part of the Sims 4 videogame back in January, everybody thought that a new age was beginning. It was understandable for the developers to make this addition, especially with the vampire craze that has been going for a few years now. Well, now, there are taking one more step forward. This fall, in November, cats and dogs will be joining the game too. The new update called The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs will add a tool to the original game which will be called “Create a pet”.

Cats and dogs for Sims 4

This new tool will offer players the possibility to make their own furry friends. They will choose their traits themselves, their color and basically, everything they wish cat or a dog to have. Moreover, the players will have the option to dress them as they like or to accessorize them. Someone may want a small, pocket dog, while others may prefer a big and menacing one. Without too much fur, or with a lot of fur, noisy or quiet. They will be able to create their own pet animal to take with them everywhere in the game.

However, the same way as in real life, the players will not be able to control the pet’s every movement. According to what developer EA Games said, both dogs and cats have their own minds and thoughts. They will behave in accordance with the interaction the Sims will have with them. So, ignore them and they won’t love you. Play with them and feed them, and the pets will adore you. Exactly like in real life. And, as real animals, those will display unusual behaviors sometimes. The key is to understand them and care for your little furry friends as you would for the ones in your living room.

Imitating real world

It’s also worth noting that this upcoming expansion will also add a new location called Brindleton Bay. This will be a place full of parks, harbor docks and even a big lighthouse. Also, your Sims will be able to adopt stray animals and make them their pets. Moreover, if someone discovers their love for animals, they will have the possibility of opening a veterinary clinic. The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs ca be preordered here for $40.

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