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Mass Effect: Andromeda Won’t Have Story DLC

Mass Effect: Andromeda in-game shot

Many seem to think that the story of the popular RPG Mass Effect may soon come to an end. Even if that may not be the case, these are the signals fans have received after BioWare confirmed a fan rumor. It seems like Mass Effect: Andromeda will not receive a story DLC after all. Fans of the multiplayer will still be able to play it without any problems. However, the single player campaign is not going to receive any other updates from now on. The problem here is that BioWare has teased a story DLC, especially in what concerns the Quarian Ark.

No story DLC

According to the developer, their plan from the get go was for the game’s storyline to be entirely focused on the Pathfinder. Also, on the Andromeda, the huge galaxy that give the name of the game, and the main Archon conflict. So, from now on, players will be able to experience this universe through the multiplayer mode. Moreover, BioWare promised to expand on the story of the Quarian Ark through novels and comic books which will come out regularly.

It will be extremely interesting to see whether or not those novels will touch on the stories which were left unfinished in Andromeda. After all, everyone thought that those were left intentionally open to be solved in a sequel. For example, we still don’t know who sponsored the Andromeda project, what happened to Ryder’s family, and many other stories left hanging. BioWare will probably not come back to make yet another Andromeda, and it’s likely that those stories will forever be unfinished.

However, this announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise for anyone. For months fans have speculated about this scenario. Also, maybe the developers have planned this all along. The way fans received the game (which was not very good), didn’t matter at all.

Confirmation of a rumor

Many have said from the beginning that a story DLC was unlikely, especially given the weak reception of Andromeda. Also, rumor has it that the team behind Mass Effect moved on to work on other projects (like Anthem). Basically, there’s nobody left to make it. All in all, maybe this is not the end for Mass Effect. Or maybe it is? One thing is certain. If it ends, it shouldn’t have been like this.

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