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AI Defeats Highly-Experienced DOTA 2 Player

DOTA 2 championship, The International

It seems like artificial intelligence belonging to the startup OpenAI, which billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is supporting, has managed to beat one of the best video game players in the entire world. It all happened at a recent championship event and it’s for the first time AI reaches such a high level of evolution. This situation shocked the entire gaming community because usually, bots are not as intelligent as human players and cannot defeat them. However, this might all act as a proof for all humankind that, if used responsibly, AI can be very efficient. Musk is also saying that people should be very careful when dealing with artificial intelligence. If left unattended, it may even bring the end of the world as we know it.

AI beat one of the world’s best video game players

On Saturday, Elon Musk even tweeted that people should worry more about AI becoming very strong than about the North Korean threat. In order to test the functionality of AI, the team at OpenAI managed to teach a bot how to play the video game called DOTA 2. For those who don’t know. This game is massively multiplayer videogame which gathers lots of players in a huge capture the flag system. Each player has its own “hero” which they use to battle other heroes. Whichever team manages to destroy a base called “Ancient” wins the game.

There is actually a YouTube video in which OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman details what this project is all about. He explains that they taught the bot how to play DOTA 2 by using a copy of itself, so that it always had an equally-trained opponent. The AI played and played until it surpassed even the best human players in the world. Then, the team decided to sign the bot up for The International, which the game’s world championship event.

The power of artificial intelligence

The bot went against Dendi, one of the very best DOTA 2 players out there. It managed to beat him in two rounds before the player surrendered. Later, Dendi revealed on Twitter that he is sure the bot can be beaten. However, it’s very difficult to do so. When it encounters mistakes it immediately eliminates them, so it can become impossible to beat the AI-controlled bot.

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