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When it’s the Best Time to Play a Game?

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If you happen to love an older game and may want to play it again right now, chances are that your favorite way of entertaining has been updated, patched, it has received some DLCs and even some expansions. While keeping this very important fact in mind, players should ask themselves some very important questions. Is this new version better than the original one? Are these updates adding anything special to it? And more importantly, is an older game worth playing after a while? This is mystery that has troubled the minds of videogame players for years, especially now, when those receive regular updates. The answer is ambiguous to say the least.

Should you play it now or later?

Firstly, there is a crucial concept which players should understand. Modern videogames are no longer stuck in the period they were released in. They move, change, adapt, and most of the times, they keep up with modern trends. This applies to both multiplayer and single player. Overwatch can be played at any time, as well as The Witcher 3. With this being said, players should be aware of the fact that if they want to play a certain videogame on Monday, they will play Monday’s version of it. Maybe on Tuesday there will be a new update which will change it completely.

There is also that feeling of frustration when you struggle to complete a certain game or a certain level of a game, only to have a patch released the next day which makes its completion much easier. This only adds to the theory that game no longer have an “expiration date”. If you want to wait for a DLC, wait for it. Want to complete the original game? Do that. There are no boundaries as to what you can and cannot do.

The modern video games

There are also those people who complain about the many updates a certain game is receiving. Sometimes, they are right, as that game becomes something completely different from what it was supposed to be. But there are situations when updates and patches are needed in order to make that game better. So, the answer to this question is ambiguous. Moreover, there may not even be an answer. It all depends of each player’s preferences. And usually, those are very hard to please.

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