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Apple Is The Latest To Join Instagram, But Just For Its iPhone Users?

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iPhone users will be the stars of Apple’s new Instagram account.

Apple just became the latest brand the join Instagram, the ever increasing photo sharing platform. Launched just two days ago, the apple brand account already has over 299k followers and is expected to gain even more. However, in contrast to its widely unused Twitter page, Apple is already using Insta.

Still, it is not doing as expected. Instead of posting promotional images, for example, it is using this page as a way of promoting photos taken by iPhone users with their smartphones.

iPhone Users and Their Photos, the Stars of the Apple Instagram Page

Apple’s launching an Instagram page comes amid a swirl of iPhone 8 rumors and alleged leaks. One of the latest is that this will allegedly come in a Copper Gold variant, although this rumor was shot down in around a day and its authenticity remains to be seen.

So Apple going official on a new social media platform was sure to raise the attention of its fans. While many were probably expecting to see promotional media, perhaps even a company secret info or two, Apple seems to be taking a new approach this time.

It already posted on its page, in contrast to its lack of any tweet. Through its first Insta, Apple invites iPhone users to start sharing photos captured with their smartphone on their page.


Those interested will have to add the #ShotoniPhone hashtag in their posts. These will then be included in what is now the widely recognized “Shot an iPhone” ad campaign.

Apple declared that it would not be using iPhone users pictures without their owners’ permission. It also stated that it would not be featuring commercials, product galleries, or any other company marketing on this account, according to reports.

Presently, Apple’s Instagram page has 303k followers and 9 posts. Both numbers are expected to change, as the followers count will likely increase significantly.


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