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WhatsApp Testing A Series Of Facebook-Like Features On Android

whatsapp testing new features
WhatsApp is testing new Facebook-like features for its status updates.

Media reports pointed out that WhatsApp seemed to be testing a new set of features for its Android versions, reports which were later confirmed by the developer as it opened up beta testing. This new series of properties are Facebook-inspired, as users may soon be able to customize their status updates.

WhatsApp Testing New Status to Liven the Available One

Facebook, the now parent company of WhatsApp, began offering users the possibility of posting colorful and more animated status updates in late 2016. Initially released on Android, this feature then became available on iOS as well. Now, the social media giant platform is seemingly working on implementing this same feature in its messaging app as well.

WhatsApp is not at its first attempt of livening its status updates. Earlier in the year, the messaging application launched a set of multi-media update features. Through them, users would be able to post GIFs and images as a status, instead of the ‘plain old’ text variant. However, this option did not seem to really take off.

Now, WhatsApp seems to be trying to get users to update and use their status option more by bringing new, already established features.

For the moment, the app is still testing the new feature, but interested users can become beta testers by heading to the WhatsApp Google Play page. After registering as a beta, the respective user will get access to this new feature before anyone else, and will then be able to send feedback and communicate their opinions to the company.

Once, and if the WhatsApp testing is deemed a success, the feature would be released for general access. As it becomes official, WhatsApp users will simply have to head to the Status tab and start typing their desired message. This will then be customizable with emojis, custom fonts, and the currently in testing colored backgrounds.

Most expect this new feature to first become available on the Android version, in keeping with previous releases, and only sometime later on iOS, but it remains to be seen if it will happen as such.

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