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The Final Fantasy XV Comrades Characters Creator Is Very Complex

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The Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Expansion is coming with female characters.

Square Enix released the final beta version of the Final Fantasy XV “Comrades” Multiplayer expansion on Thursday, August 03. Some point out that through it, Final Fantasy began its transformation from a single player RPG to one with an online multiplayer component.

The Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer expansion was released for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Its final beta release also offered the best look at its characters creator, which many pointed out to be very complex and also to include female characters.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Beta Will Offer a Select Amount of Content from the Final Version

Comrades will allow players to team up with three others online and also to create their characters. Some pointed out the limitations of the beta, while others underlined its very detailed characters creator.

In this multiplayer option, users can choose to create female characters, which came as quite a surprise to some. Players start the creation process by selecting two ancestors (possibly more will be available in the full version). This will help create a general appearance for the character.

Then, users can pretty much run wild and start customizing almost every other aspect. They can change the proportions of each individual facial feature and of most other body parts. Also, they will be able to modify the colors, as they can heavily personalized for both the character and their clothes. Sliders will help control the changes brought on by the user.

Different hairstyles will also be available, as well as a number of tattoos and scars. As others pointed out, besides the very deep personalization, the characters created also seemingly translate very well into the actual gameplay, which can be a weak spot for some other deep character optimization games.

The Beta Version Limitations

The Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer expansion beta will offer a limited amount of content as players won’t be able to level up and the game only comes with a handful of quests. The game customization is quite limited, but the character one is quite extensive, so the game one may be even more so.

Players interested in trying out this beta version must have the Final Fantasy base and its season pass. They will also need, according to their base platform, an Xbox One Live Gold membership or a PlayStation Plus one.

An official release date for the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer expansion has yet to be announced. The projected running date of this beta ends on August 08, but many consider that this might get extended.

Square Enix also warned that “We’ll try to ensure things run smoothly but please remember that this is still an online test.”

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