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Monster Hunter Stories Is Releasing A Demo Next Week

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Monster Hunter Stories will be releasing a demo next week, on August 10.

The Capcom developed and published Monster Hunter is getting a new game added to its series. Titled Monster Hunter Stories, this will be available to play in the Western world starting with September 08. Players that can’t wait to get a feel of the game will be able to play it a little in advance as a demo version will be released next week, on August 10.

Monster Hunter is a series of action role-playing video games with a fantasy theme. First released back in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, the game has since extended and offers multiple more games across a variety of platforms.

Monster Hunter Stories Takes Aim at a Younger Audience

The latest spin off in the series is called Monster Hunter Stories and will also be a role-playing game. As some pointed out, the original game series adds numerous new layers and becomes more complex with each new version. In turn, this tends to leave out younger players, who can’t always keep up.

So this is where this latest spin off will come in. Monster Hunter Stories seems to be targeted more towards new players so that they will not need a mentor support structure when playing the game.

The new game will still use a turn-based battles framework. However, this will be introducing the player to the Monster Hunter world without the mainline game’s increasingly systematic complexity.

Marvelous developed this latest spinoff and Capcom released it in Japan at the end of 2016. It will be coming to the western players less than a year later, as it is set to become available on September 08 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Players looking forward to trying out the game before its official launch will be able to do so starting next week. On August 10, Nintendo will be releasing a demo version of the spin off for its 3DS.

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